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Coming Soon! Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Wisconsin's Nonprofit Sector, Phase 2 Results 

Coming late August, 2020. This ongoing, statewide study of nonprofit organizations aims to provide real-time data to government officials, foundations, and other decision-makers about the current social and economic conditions facing nonprofits and the need for immediate and long-term support. More information on the overall project can be found on the HBI websiteNortheast Wisconsin Phase 1 Report (April 2020)


The Center for Public Affairs enhances civic engagement and quality of life in the community by

  • Conducting applied and scholarly research
  • Providing leadership resources for nonprofit organizations
  • Offering evaluation and research services
  • Providing students opportunities for internships, service learning, honors research and civic engagement
  • Sponsoring educational programs to share information and dialog about civic issues
  • Providing a mechanism for collaboration by community organizations and citizens