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Community Health Education Curriculum

Below is the breakdown of Community Health Education major curriculum. Also, refer to the academic catalog for the Community Health Education Curriculum Guide.

Supporting Courses - 21 credits

CourseCreditsGen Ed
BIOL 201/202 Principles of Biology: Cellular and Molecular Processes w/lab4BS
CHEM 207 Lab Safety1 
COMM 133 Public Address or COMM 166 Interpersonal Communication3 
PSYCH 102 Introduction to Psychology3SS1
PSYCH 203 Lifespan Development3SS1
PSYCH 205 Social Science Statistics4QL
WF 105 Research and Rhetoric3WE-LL

Lower Level Courses in the Major- 16 credits

CourseCreditsGen Ed
HUM BIOL 215 Personal Health and Wellness3SP
HUM BIOL 240 Anatomy & Physiology4 
NURSING 200 Fundamentals of Healthcare Terminology3 
NUT SCI 202 Ethnic Influences on Nutrition3ES
SOC WORK 275 Foundations of Social Welfare Policy3SS2

Upper Level Courses in the Major - 47 credits

CourseCreditsGen Ed
CHE 310 Foundations of Community Health Education3WE-UL
CHE 320 Methods and Strategies for Community Health Education3WE-UL
CHE 330 Program Planning and Evaluation in Community Health Education3 
CHE 440 Capstone Seminar3 
CHE 450 Field Practicum9 
CHE Elective course3 
HLTH MGT 301 Healthcare Systems3 
HLTH MGT 302 Healthcare Management3 
HLTH MGT 401 Healthcare Economics & Policy3 
HLTH MGT 402 Population Healthcare Management3 
HUM BIOL 322 Epidemiology3GC, SP
NURSING 340 Quality Improvement2 
PSYCH 310 Drugs & Behavior3 
SOC WORK 344 Grant Writing for Success3 

General Education Courses - 15 credits

CourseCreditsGen Ed
First Year Seminar 1983WE-LL
Fine Arts general education course3FA
Humanities general education courses6H1, H2
Natural sciences3NS

Total Credits: 120
Last updated: December 15, 2022

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