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What Happens Now

Okay, so you got caught doing something perhaps you maybe shouldn’t have been. Or maybe you were just there, but your roommates and their friends were really the ones in the wrong. So what happens now? The first thing you should know is our conduct process is focused on education, typically through classes, writing papers or community service. If this is your first time through the process, unless you engaged in behavior which ended with you being arrested and put in handcuffs, you won’t get suspended. So don’t panic.

You will receive a letter from our office inviting you to meet with someone representing the Dean of Students Office (typically not the Dean). The point of the meeting is so we can hear your side of what happened and go over the reports we received with your name on them, so it is a good idea to show up for the meeting. If you did violate one of the university policies you will receive a letter that tells you so, and the corresponding sanctions in response to your behavior. Complete the sanctions as outlined in your letter and you are done. Just show us you learned the first time, and don’t do it again. Simple, right?

Want a quick view of how this all flows, check out the flowcharts below: