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Are you fervent about justice and passionate about the ideals necessary to live in a democratic society? Do you believe that your freedoms are the rights of all United States citizens? If so, you should definitely consider a degree in Democracy and Justice Studies. This program explores diverse ideals and practices of democracy and justice in the U.S. and the world through social and historical studies. Students are strongly encouraged to put the principles of democracy and justice into action in the classroom, in internships, in research projects, in their volunteer and daily lives and in their eventual career choices.

What Will I Learn with Democracy and Justice Studies?

Democracy and Justice Studies students look at how people past and present have sought in various ways to sustain and change political, economic, cultural and social orders. We ask why and how societies develop and whether their political, economic, cultural and social relations and activities promote justice, freedom, equality and democracy. By cultivating critical thinking and problem-focused thinking, we enable students to become engaged citizens and professionals.

UWGB offers internships, research & teaching assistantships, honors projects and independent studies available with organizations like AmeriCorps, Local & State Government, Humana, Schneider National, Inc.

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Thinking about attending law school? We can help! Pre-law advising provides advising to UWGB students and alumni who are considering, preparing for, or applying to law school.

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Career Opportunities
Business, Community Organizing, Domestic and International Development, Education, Journalism, Law and Criminal Justice, Non-profit and Advocacy Work and more are all possibilities.

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Areas of Emphasis
American Studies, US & the World, Legal Studies, Criminal Justice, and Women's and Gender Studies are all paths you can take in the DJS major. Who knows what path you'll take after that!

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How Do I Get Started?

Democracy and Justice Studies at UW-Green Bay

Jon Shelton

Meet Jon Shelton

"Democracy and Justice Studies prepares students for careers demanding problem-solving, writing skills, and collaboration; out majors go on to attend graduate and law school, work in politics or community service, in museums or as teachers, and in fields of criminal & social justice. Students engage in high impact learning experiences like mentoring youth, service projects, simulations and research. DJS instructors come from a variety of disciplines, offering students mentorship and opportunities to grow as leaders." - Jon Shelton; Chair of Democracy and Justice Studies

Jon is also here to help! If you have any questions about the DJS program please contact us!

Meet all our fantastic DJS professors.

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Career Possibilities

Democracy and Justice Studies is encouraged as a major for individuals interested in a variety of careers related to community development, social justice, social and environmental activism, women's and gender equity and other social issues. View a wide range of careers possible with a DJS Major

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