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Democracy and Justice Studies Major

Don't Settle for Ordinary

Enact change in your community.

We’re not transforming students; we’re helping students transform the world around them. We focus on expressing arguments in speech and writing, critical thinking and looking at issues from many perspectives. And you won't just learn in the classroom – you’ll learn in the community.

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Choosing a DJS Emphasis

As a democracy and justice studies major, you'll choose an emphasis that aligns with your career aspirations.

People participating in activist march

Social Justice

Examines the past and present of social justice and efforts by activists to make societies more equitable, getting students into the community to put learning into practice.

Blind Justice statue

Criminal Justice

Considers the development and processes of the criminal justice system, including theories regarding freedom, social control, punishment and inequality.

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Legal Studies

Examines legal systems of the past and present and how it relates to justice and democracy. You’ll study these institutions in the U.S. and other countries.

Statue of Liberty

Global Democracy

Focuses on the influence of the U.S. and its ideals, including democracy, equality and social justice, on the world.

Brown County court house

Pre-Law Advising

If you're thinking about attending law school, start here.

We offer support to students interested in a legal career, providing resources to explore if law school is right for you, locate internships, prepare for the LSAT, plan for law school and more. Ready to prep for law school? Contact Nolan Bennett, our connoisseur of all things law-related.

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Make it a Minor

For added expertise and a more robust résumé, many students choose to combine a minor in democracy and justice studies with their major in communication, business, environmental policy or other relevant fields.

Democracy & Justice Studies Minor Requirements  

Connect With Us

To facilitate learning and engage in discussion about justice, we host special guest speakers on campus. We also feature professors’ research and publications, students’ activism and accomplishments and news from the community. Read our news and follow us.

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