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2024-2025 Program Costs

  • $65 - D&D Digital for online computer matching fee
  • $50 First application submitted to DICAS, $25 for each additional internship application.
  • $60 - Program application fee (non-refundable) paid directly to UW-Green Bay
  • $10,341 (pending approval) -Program fee. A $1,000 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance with the balance ($9,341) due approximately three weeks prior to the start of the internship. Program fee includes RDN prep materials, professional development opportunities, nine months of preceptor rotations, Friday leadership classes and development activities, and professional feedback.

Financial Aid

  • At this time, interns do not qualify for financial aid through the University. Interns may qualify for deferment of financial aid payments encountered throughout their college education. Loans through private institutions and scholarships may be available based on intern's eligibility.
  • For any financial aid questions, please reach out to or by phone at 920-465-2075.

Additional Estimated Student Expenses

(amounts may vary)

Students will be responsible for their own health, personal automobile and professional liability insurance, housing, food, transportation and lab coats/appropriate attire.

  • Housing (approximately $450-$650/month).
  • Lab coats, appropriate attire ($50 minimum).
  • Food (may be purchased in facility cafeterias or student can bring own).
  • Books and supplies (depending on student's resources and individual needs - estimate $400).
  • There will also be some additional costs for parking at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. See the parking policy. Please read the policy in full.
  • Transportation (student will need a private vehicle, as sites are from 5 - 150 miles from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus and public transportation is not feasible).
  • Student membership ($58) in Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics available at
  • Laptop computers are required. Interns need ability to scan. (amounts to vary)
  • Caregiver background check ($25).
  • CPR Certification - American Heart Association Health Care Provider with BLS (Basic Life Support), in person only (amount varies).
  • Physical examination by Physician (amounts to vary).
  • Vaccinations and titers as required (amounts to vary). Including upload fee of $45 to (secure medical document manager).
  • Drug Test 10-panel (approximate cost $35 - may vary by intern, depending on various factors) through
  • Liability Insurance (approximately $25-$60).
  • Health Insurance (amounts to vary).
  • Wisconsin Association of Nutrition and Dietetics (WAND) Conference - registration, lodging and food ($400).