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Sustainability Minor

Shape a Future That's sustainable

Minor in sustainability at UW-Green Bay.

Our global future rests on creating citizens that are aware of the need for economic, environmental and social responsibility. This multi-disciplinary program delves into courses from business, public policy and environmental science, offering you a comprehensive understanding of sustainability challenges on a global, regional and local scale. You'll explore the interconnections of these issues and discover pathways to a more sustainable future.

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Take your place with our next class of resilient problem-solvers and fearless leaders.


21 Credits

Gain an awareness of the importance of sustainable practices in business activities and community affairs.

Classes You'll Take


UW-Green Bay is ranked in the top 10% nationally as "best bachelor's degree college for the money" by College Factual in 2024.

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John Arendt in discussion with sustainability studentsPublic Admin Environmental Sustainability Business bookTri-County Recycling Facility TourOct. 18, 2013 tour of a wind energy site

Bridge The Gap

To save the planet, we must address the needs of our environment, society and economy.

The challenges facing our planet are complex. They demand solutions that bridge the divide between our environment, society and economics. The Sustainability minor at UW-Green Bay equips you with the knowledge and critical thinking skills to navigate these complexities.

Careers in Sustainability

EMBI at UW-Green Bay

EMBI Internship

The Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI) at UW-Green Bay partners with area businesses and organizations to connect the dots between environmental awareness and sound business practices. The EMBI internship builds upon your coursework to develop the skills and experience you need to become a leader in sustainability.

UWGB Recyclemania campus waste study

Make a Difference

Be a part of developing solutions to reduce waste, conserve resources and minimize pollution, and leave a positive, lasting impact.

About EMBI

EMBI partnership with Aurora BayCare Medical Center

Diverse Assignments

EMBI intern assignments span various sectors and industries. From municipalities to healthcare, energy to agriculture, as an intern you'll tackle diverse challenges to create sustainability while getting invaluable learning experience.

See Recent Projects

EMBI Intern Jake Eggert at work

Real World Experience

Gain practical experience through the EMBI Internship program, where you'll tackle real sustainability issues at local organizations.

About the EMBI Internship

Compatible Majors

The sustainability minor is designed to complement a wide range of majors, fostering a well-rounded skillset that's highly sought after in today's job market. A minor in sustainability empowers you to integrate environmentally responsible practices into your chosen field. Students who have taken a minor in sustainability have also declared the following majors:

  • Communication
  • Community Health Education
  • First Nations Studies
  • Environmental Policy & Planning
  • Public Administration
  • Business Administration
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Biology
  • Environmental Engineering Technology
  • Environmental Science
  • Geoscience
  • Water Science
EMBI Intern, Jake Eggert

Saving energy in healthcare

"Our job at EMBI and with Aurora has been to improve energy efficiency and manage their energy usage... We were able to take all of this knowledge that we're learning in class and apply it in the real world, which to me provides true understanding of the concepts that we've been looking at."

Jacob Eggert
EMBI Intern, Aurora BayCare Medical Center

John Arendt, EMBI Director

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