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Academic Structure - Minor

Recommended Supporting Courses and the General Education Requirement Satisfied:

  • ANTHRO 100: Varieties of World Culture (Global Culture/Social Sciences)
  • BUS ADM 202: Business and its Environment (Social Sciences)
  • ECON 102: Economics of the Modern World (Social Sciences)
  • ECON 203: Micro Economic Analysis (Social Sciences/Quantitative Literacy)
  • ENV SCI 102: Introduction to Environmental Science (Natural Sciences)
  • HISTORY 220: American Environmental History (Sustainability)
  • POL SCI 102: Introduction to Politics (Social Sciences)
  • POL SCI 202/PU EN AF 202: Introduction to Public Policy (Social Sciences)
  • PU EN AF 215: Introduction to Public Administration (Social Sciences)
PU EN AF 390Colloquium in Environmental Sustainability & Business
PU EN AF 391Colloquium in Environmental Sustainability & Business II
ENV SCI 490/PU EN AF 490EMBI Co-Op/Experience
Upper-Level Requirements:15
Business Element (choose 1 course):
ECON 453Cost Benefit Analysis
MGMT 389Organizational Behavior
MKTG 322Principles of Marketing
SCM 384Supply Chain Management
Public Policy Element (choose 1 course):
ECON 305Natural Resources Economic Policy
ECON 412Economics of Sustainability
POL SCI 380/PU EN AF 380Global Environmental Politics and Policy
PU EN AF 301Environmental Politics and Policy
PU EN AF 322Environmental Planning
PU EN AF 323Sustainable Land Use
PU EN AF 324Transitioning to Sustainable Communities
PU EN AF 378Environmental Law
PU EN AF 379Natural Resources Policy, Law, and Administration
Environmental Science Element (choose 1 course):
ENV SCI 303Environmental Sustainability
ENV SCI 318Pollution Control
ENV SCI 425Global Climate Change
ENV SCI 460Resource Management Strategy
ENV SCI 469Conservation Biology
ET 334Solid Waste Management
Sustainability Electives (choose from the following list or from the above elements):
ANTHRO 306Environmental Anthropology
ENGR 402Smart Cities: Engineering the Future
ENV SCI 490EMBI Co-Op/Experience
ET 420Lean Processes
HISTORY 326Global Environmental History
HUM STUD 370Sustainability through the Humanities
PSYCH 380Conservation Psychology
PU EN AF 490EMBI Co-Op/Experience
Total Credits21