Transferring from MPTC to UWGB

Degree Path Equivalents for MPTC

An associate's degree in specific technology programs from Moraine Park Technical College (MPTC) will transfer to UW-Green Bay and fulfill many of the required technical courses for the Engineering Technology Bachelor of Science degree as well as many general education requirements. You may be closer to a bachelor's degree than you think!

MPTC Associate Degree UWGB Bachelor's Degree
Mechanical Design Technology Associate's Degree Mechanical Engineering Technology B.S.
Mechatronics Associate's Degree Electrical Engineering Technology B.S.

Course Equivalents for MPTC

If you did not complete an Engineering Technology Associate's Degree, but completed some coursework at MPTC, refer to the table below to see how individual course credits will transfer to fill requirements in UW-Green Bay's Engineering Technology Program.

MPTC course/courses (credits) UWGB Course (credits)
10-620-101 DC Circuits (3) ET 130 Basic Electrical Circuits I (3)
10-620-112 AC Circuits (3) ET 131 Basic Electrical Circuits II (3)
10-606-176 CAD 2D Autocad (3) ET 105 Fund. of Drawing (3)
10-617-114 CAD #D Solidworks (3) ET 106 Parametric Modeling I (2)
10-606-107 Component Design ( 4) ET 207 Parametric Modeling II (2)
10-606-116 Machine Elements (3) ET 221 Machine Components (3)
10-623-162 Manufacturing Processes (3) ET 116 Basic Manufacturing Processes (3)
10-620-103 Semiconductor Devices (3) ET 232 Semiconductor Devices (3)
10-620-135 Basic PLC (3) ET 240 Microcontrollers and PLCs (3)
10-620-104 Digital Electronics (3) and
10-620-115 AC-DC Machinery (4)
ET 211 Digital Electronics (3)
10-606-130 Strength of Materials (3) ET 220 Mechanics of Materials (3)
10-620-136 Advanced PLC (3) ET 340 Advanced PLCs (3)


Contact Prof. Patricia Terry at (920) 465-2749 or for individual assistance and advice about the Engineering Technology majors.