Mechanical Engineering Technology

A Degree that Transforms - Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology 


The Mechanical Engineering Technology degree at UW-Green Bay prepares you for a career in applied mechanical engineering using critical problem-solving skills needed in regional and national industries, manufacturing, and engineering services firms. The goal of the major is to develop well-rounded engineering technologists who can adapt and succeed in a highly competitive workplace.

Succeed in a changing marketplace

This program will give you the versatility and flexibility to flourish as the workplace evolves. Mechanical engineering technology graduates have strong employment potential and opportunities are forecasted to keep pace with the demand for technical products. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that jobs in this field will grow at a rate of 16 percent, or 35,000 additional jobs, through 2016.


4-Year Plan

Each Engineering Tech major is designed to be completed in four years. Our four-year plan helps ensure you take required courses in the order they need to be taken so you can stay on track and graduat

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This program focuses on applying engineering principles to solve practical problems. Develop skills in hands-on application labs and courses that explore the fundamentals of mechanics, mathematics, physics, materials technology, and computer-aided design.

Teamwork, technical writing, and project management are also emphasized throughout the curriculum.

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Ready to build your future?

Graduates will be ready for these careers and more:

  • Mechanical engineering technologist
  • Mechanical equipment designer
  • Manufacturing engineering technologist
  • Process designer
  • Technical engineer
  • Equipment testing
  • Design analyst
  • Field service representative
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Looking for Mechanical Engineering?

If you'd rather be the person designing the mechanical systems, instead of the one doing hands-on work in a production environment, then Mechanical Engineering might be for you. We offer that program, too!

Mechanical Engineering