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Entrepreneurship Certificate

Become a Certified Expert

Learn the skills to capture new markets and drive economic growth.

Entrepreneurially-minded graduates keep organizations viable through innovation, so your skills are highly sought and marketable. And you won’t just learn skills in our entrepreneurship certificate—you’ll apply them, too. The final component is a practical, resume-building, business start-up and pitch experience.

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Four courses consisting of 12 credits boosts your marketability—plus, it won’t delay graduation because it counts toward the 120 credits required for graduation.

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Open to Any Major

No matter your major, you're qualified to earn our certificate to improve your career potential.

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In-Demand Skills

You’ll build skills in e-marketing, social media, debt financing, the bookkeeping process, online communication and more.

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Certificate Benefits

Entrepreneurship courses develop your skills in program solving, resourcefulness, independence and critical thinking. Benefits of the certificate include:

  • Provides advanced skills for personal business start-ups.
  • Helps run existing family businesses more effectively.
  • Improves marketability.
  • Teaches creative thinking.
  • Elevates employability in business start-ups.
  • Increases skills at recognizing opportunities and acting on them.
Professor Guarav Bansal

Ask An Expert

Professor Guarav Bansal, the department chair for our business administration program, is an experienced researcher and professor. If you need support, he can help.

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