Virtual Lunch-n-Learn Series

Working over the lunch hour? Check out an episode of our Virtual Lunch-n-Learn Series to learn more about physical activity while munchin' on your lunch!
  1. Episode #1: Introduction to Exercise is Medicine - On Campus; Physical Activity Guidelines
  2. Episode #2: Movement Snacks 
    1. Movement Snack Supplemental Activity Worksheet
  3. Episode #3: Benefits of Outdoor Exercise
  4. Episode #4: "How-To" Be Active with Campus Resources
  5. Episode #5: Championing Athlete Mental Health (Psych and Stuff Podcast)
  6. Episode #6: What is Energy Expenditure?
  7. Episode #7: Overcoming Barriers to Exercise
    1. Overcoming Barriers to Exercise Worksheet
  8. Episode #8: University Recreation Rentals & Equipment: Q&A