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Student Managed Investment Fund

Real Money

Real investing experience, real results.

You won’t be like an investment manager – you will be an investment manager. Using real money, you’ll work with fellow students to research companies, manage portfolios, and prepare and present results to industry professionals. The best part? You’re not just helping your own goals – you're helping other people, too. Any profit you earn will be used to provide scholarships for other students.

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Mural of Willie Davis on the Willie Davis Finance and Investment Lab exterior

Fun(d) Facts

You have the know-how to succeed. We have the resources to help you get there.


An actual business-class trading floor with LED tickers, and specialized terminals for market data.

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Real-Time Data

Our equipment gets you complete access to the most up-to-date, real-time market activity.


Real money and real markets give you hands-on experience to become an investment manager.

Students work together at computerFinance employee goes over analytics with clientCalculator by a stack of books about taxesStudent gives speach at Business Week event

Focused on the Future

Investing not just for profit, but for the greater good.

In addition to a traditional portfolio with no restraints, you'll also invest in a second fund: a portfolio constrained by environmental, sustainability and governance investment policies. UW-Green Bay is committed to a more sustainable future, and we're making changes across the whole university.

Inside view of the Willie Davis Finance and Investment Lab

Experience That
Pays Off

"We’re going to bring in professionals from the area to be mentors, so [students will] be able to network and have contacts within the industry, which will help them in their careers after they graduate. They’ll also be able to better understand the career paths that are available to them, whether they decide to go financial planning route or more of an investment analyst route."

Kevin Jaklin, CFA
Manager of the Willie D. Davis Finance Lab | Lecturer

Kevin Jaklin

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As manager of the Willie D. Davis Finance Lab, Kevin Jaklin is here to answer any questions you have about the Student Managed Investment Fund.

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