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About First Nations Studies

Connection is key

Explore ways of thinking, being and doing that reconnect you with your community.

Learn how to truly listen, interact with the natural world, collaborate across perspectives and take time to turn inward. Gain understandings that support the renewal of traditional knowledge and practices. Through this reconnection, there can be understanding and application that brings about renewal of relationships, both to ourselves, our communities and our environment.

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Young child takes photo with guest speaker and star of "Echo" Alaqua CoxElder Coral speaks with students and peersStudents in First Nations Studies classLisa Poupart acknowledges the First Nations Elders during The Center for First Nations Education Celebration

Forge Connections 

Find a community of people who share your interests by joining one of our student organizations.

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Work in the Community

Take the skills you’re learning in class and weave them into your community to build experience and create connections.

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Our program pairs beautifully with any major or minor. You’ll gain a worldview that supports you as a person and skills that support any professional.

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What You'll Learn

Originally created by the Oneida Community itself, First Nations Studies prepares you to work with diverse populations and expands your worldview so you can continually examine your own biases and make well-informed decisions.

  • For education majors, this program satisfies Act 31 that requires Wisconsin teachers to incorporate Indigenous history, culture and sovereignty into their classes. You can use the major to become Act 31 teacher trainers in state school districts.
  • First Nations language and culture revitalization
  • Indigenous decision making and leadership skills
  • Oral traditional thinking, listening, remembering and speaking skills
  • Develop and implement strategies of change in response to problems in tribal communities and beyond
  • Identify and address bias in actions, laws and policies
  • Decolonize thinking, actions, behaviors, norms, etc.
  • Intergenerational healing

You can also choose other courses to create tailored degrees through Individualized majors. For example, you can create and earn Individualized majors in Casino Management, Indigenous Law and Tribal Government, Child Welfare, Repatriation and Grave Protection.

"The First Nations programs are of significant importance in developing leaders who are resilient, inclusive and engaged members of the community — ready to face challenges and solve problems. We couldn’t be prouder to support this program and look forward to seeing its continued growth and impact on the region."

Jamie Obletz
President of Delaware North Sportservice
Christine Yungwirth

Meet a

"I decided on First Nations Studies because working in a K-12 public school, and coordinating with other Native educators in K-12 schools, I saw a greater need to help educate teachers about ACT 31 to ensure they had the resources and confidence to accurate and authentically teach about Indigenous history, cultures and tribal sovereignty."

Christine Yungwirth '23
First Nations Studies Major

Professor Lisa Poupart

Let's Connect

As the chair for our program, Professor Lisa Poupart values collaboration and compelling discussion both in and out of the classroom. If you have questions, she can help!

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