Skills and abilities gained with this major

Students will gain a deep understanding of the Federal Indian Policy, American Indian Justice system and laws, Tribal Sovereignty Issues, and explore the rich history of the American Indian people and culture.
Students will also gain understanding and respect for cultural diversity, as they learn to appreciate all walks of life.

Aspects of the American Indian way of life are explored, including traditional life ways, spirituality, and ideologies.

What Do We Study?
In First Nations Studies (FNS) the following is a list of some of the topics we explore in our classes:
  • Traditional First Nations Culture & Values
  • Tribal Languages
  • First Nations History
  • Sovereignty
  • Laws and Policies
  • Stereotypes 
  • Decolonization Strategies
  • First Nations Leadership and Activism
  • Elder Wisdom and Philosophy
  • Challenges to the Dominant History and Beliefs