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Admissions & Scholarships


Those who have studied French in high school should select a course appropriate to their level by counting a year of high school work as equivalent to one semester of college work, or they should consult a French adviser. Although not required, the University of Wisconsin placement exam can be a helpful guide in selecting a course. See Information on language placement exams at UW--Green Bay. The tests may be taken on any UW campus. Information is available on the Testing Services Web Page. Contact a French adviser for help interpreting your placement score.

The UWGB Admissions Office offers helpful resources for freshmen. There are specific admission requirements for freshmen and transfer students that want to apply at the university. You can also apply using your computer by filling out an electronic application. The Undergraduate Catalog will provide information about academic programs, facilities, services, and campus life at the university.

Also, be sure to visit the Academic Advising office if you have any questions regarding general education requirements, University procedures/policies, and registration help. Freshman and sophomore students are highly recommended to talk with their academic advisor(s) often. It's not a bad idea to pick a faculty advisor early in your college career also to meet the individual and discuss your future goals and career options.


Students of French may apply for available Humanities scholarships.