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Get Books

The Phoenix Bookstore, located on the 2nd floor of the University Union, is where you’ll find text books, cool Phoenix clothing, school supplies and much more.

How do I know which books are needed?

Use Textbook Ordering to find the books needed for your classes. The list is updated and books are available for on-line purchase in the middle of August for the Fall Semester, the end of December for the Spring semester and two weeks prior to the start of every summer session. See the return policy

Do you have a book rental program?

See the Rental Policy.

How do I buy my books?

Books can be purchased at The Phoenix Bookstore or on-line.

Can I charge books to my SIS account and pay for them later or use financial aid to pay for my books?

Starting in mid-May for summer term, mid-August for fall term, and mid-November for spring term, students are able to buy books in person and charge them to their SIS account.

These book charges post to SIS accounts in August for Fall term and January for Spring term.

These fees must be paid by the due date or late fees will apply. If students do not have enough financial aid to cover all of their charges including pass points, they will be put on the payment plan.

Can I use pass points to get books?

Using pass points to purchase books can be done in-person at the bookstore with your ID card.

This option is available from the beginning of July through the beginning of September for the Fall semester, from the beginning of December through the end of January for the Spring semester and the first two weeks of May for the summer session, call 920-465-2323 for exact dates.

Do you have a book buyback program?

At the end of each term, The Phoenix Bookstore gives students the chance to sell their books back for cash. Generally book buy-back begins the last day of classes and runs through the end of exams.

What are the hours of operation?

Bookstore hours are listed here.