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Further Information

United States Army Corps of Engineers: providing comprehensive engineering, management and technical support to the Nation in peace and war.

Association of American Geographers: advances professional studies in geography and encourages the application of geographic research in education, government, and business.

National Geographic: search through publications, pay a virtual visit to their museum, take in a lecture, check our mini-encyclopedia, and more.

Royal Geographical Society: a British institute that supports research, training, and education, and the wider public understanding of Geography, society, and the environment.

Links for More Help

For course listings and descriptions for Accounting and other disciplines, check out UWGB's Programs of Study page.

More help is available on-campus at the Career Planning office at SS 1600, (920) 465-2163.

Contact Academic Advising at SS 1100, (920) 465-2111.

Another service for the Universities of Wisconsin students on the Web is UW HELP On-Line. This service provides in-depth information on the programs of the Universities of Wisconsin.