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About Geoscience

Our Location

Our region has a wide array of geologic wonders and world-class features.

Essentially, we’ve got everything (but dinosaurs) here in Wisconsin. We have countless mineral deposits like copper in the UP. The Great Lakes is filled with a wide variety of geological aspects. North America started ripping in half here, so the mid-continent rift features 20 kilometers of lava flows. There’s even an ancient mountain belt—that’s right, Wisconsin once had mountains. Plus, you can’t forget the Wisconsin Ice Age. The geology of our region is incredibly varied, and variability is the key to learning. And it’s all within about a four-hour drive: it’s accessible and easy to get out and explore all these geologic wonders.

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Group of geoscience student at Fonferek stone formation


Your career starts as an undergraduate. Get experience and bolster your resume through internships.

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Because our region offers a wide variety of geologic wonders, we have many research opportunities.

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Explore interesting geological features, visit museums, go on mining tours and participate in community engagement.

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Find resources from the University to enhance your degree as well as regional and national organizations that strive to provide more education and awareness of our environment.

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Discover the core of our Geoscience program.

Skills & Abilities

What do you learn as a Geoscience major? Identification of Earth materials (minerals, rocks, soils, fossils), well sampling, computer applications, structural analysis and microscopy, among other skills like communication and critical thinking.

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An Avalanche of Courses

With more than 20 geoscience courses and an emphasis on instruction across sciences, you'll be a well-rounded professional with knowledge in concepts like groundwater flow, well hydraulics, global climate change and thermodynamics.

Geoscience Course Descriptions

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Direct Attention

Science courses across our major have a median of 14 students per class, with a median of 8 students in geoscience classes in particular. That means you have direct interaction with your professors.

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Madeline McKeefry

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"The geoscience program at UW-Green Bay provides a wide range of courses to prepare students for diverse career paths. Many classes include practical components like laboratory work or field studies, which involve technical report writing. These skills are valuable, empowering students to confidently utilize them for future opportunities."

Madeline McKeefry '19
Geoscience and Environmental Science | Groundwater Hydrologist, Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation

Erin Berns-Herrboldt

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Professor Erin Berns-Herrboldt, with her extensive background in environmental engineering, is committed to the advancement of aspiring geoscientists. Her expertise and passion are the cornerstones of her dedication to nurturing the next generation of earth science experts.

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