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Any one of the faculty on the Global Studies faculty may advise students. Please refer to the faculty page for advising assistance.

Travel Course Criteria

In order for a travel course to be approved for substitution of an upper level core course in the Global Studies minor, the travel course must have a substantial trans-boundary or trans-national dimension and address global flows and processes regardless of the particular proposed country destination.

Whether they are or are not formal Global Studies members, faculty leaders of travel courses under consideration for the Global Studies minor will be asked to submit a syllabus, supporting information, and a rationale for how the course fits with one or more of the guiding Global Studies themes at the upper level, i.e., Global Democracy, Global Environmental Sustainability, Global Human Security, and Global Peoples. Faculty will be invited to speak about their course proposals as they relate to the above criteria at a Global Studies faculty meeting. This exchange will provide an opportunity to discuss how the Global Studies program can help promote travel courses and assist in increasing student enrollment and participation over the long term.