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Robert Howe, PhD
(920) 465-2272
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Professor and Director of the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity, Project Co-Principal Investigator

Amy Wolf, PhD
(920) 465-5030
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Professor, Project Co-Principal Investigator 

Erin Giese, MS
(920) 465-2545
Cofrin Center for Biodiversity Senior Research Specialist, Project Co-Principal Investigator, Project QA and Data Manager and Field Work Coordinator

Recommended Citations for Content on this Website 

Howe, R.W., E.E. Gnass Giese, and A.T. Wolf. 2018. Quantitative restoration targets for fish and wildlife habitats and populations in the Lower Green Bay and Fox River AOC. Journal of Great Lakes Research 44(5):883-894.