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Biota Database

lake water
Bird in water

In an effort to understand the extent of species within the Lower Green Bay and Fox River Area of Concern (AOC), the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay project team created the LGBFR AOC Biota Database. Annotated lists of all known and expected species of vertebrates, vascular plants, and invertebrates found within 1 km inland of the ordinary high water mark of the AOC boundary were compiled and organized into an easy-to-use, searchable database documenting species presence within the LGBFR AOC.

Each record in the LGBFR AOC Biota Database contains all relevant information pertaining to a single species (or in some cases just taxon), including scientific and common names, taxon group to which it belongs, global, federal, and state statuses, project area (e.g., Peter’s Marsh) and region (e.g. West Shore) in which it was found , and data source. Sixty-nine different people, organizations, universities, and agencies contributed data to the LGBFR AOC Biota Database. In some cases, the UW-Green Bay project team contacted individual people requesting information or data that document species’ presence in the LGBFR AOC, which were then incorporated into the database with permission. In other instances, the UW-Green Bay team compiled information from publicly available sources, such as scientific manuscripts, technical reports, websites, and books. The project team also received information documenting fish and wildlife populations outside of the LGBFR AOC project (e.g., northern Bay of Green Bay) and are included in the database in case they may be useful for future studies. 

Click here to download the most recent version of the LGBFR AOC Biota Database (3/15/2018) and accompanying metadata