Gary A. Fewless Herbarium

Welcome to the Fewless Herbarium home page!
An herbarium is a type of museum that houses dried (and usually pressed) plant specimens. In addition to archiving material, herbaria are actively used for many types of research. According to the Society of Herbarium Curators, there are approximately 3,100 herbaria in the world today. The Fewless Herbarium is focused on the flora of the Western Great Lakes region, and houses more than 45,000 vascular plant vouchers (as well as a growing number of non-vascular plants, such as mosses and liverworts), of which over 90% are from Wisconsin.
Many of our vouchers are included in WisFlora, a fully searchable web site of Wisconsin's vascular plant species, including photos, habitat information, distribution maps, herbarium specimen data and more.

Herbarium Policies and Contact Information

The UWGB Herbarium is used primarily for research and is not usually open to the public. However, the curators do conduct a number of tours for groups, such as college and K-12 classes, naturalists, teachers, Lifelong Learning Institute, etc. If you would like to arrange a tour of the museum for your class or group, please contact Herbarium Curator Keir Wefferling (
Researchers and faculty that would like to use the herbarium for research or are requesting specimens for study or to use in classes should contact Herbarium Curator Keir Wefferling for more information.