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Collection tours may be arranged for small groups. Please contact the Herbarium Curator, Dr. Keir Wefferling: The collection is open to UWGB students, faculty, and staff by arrangement with the curator.

Cofrin Arboretum self-guided walking tours are in development as of Spring 2022.

Community Science projects studying the biodiversity of our region are in development. The term Community Science describes the process of community data collection—led or organized by scientists—by the general public; this can take the form of specific events or ongoing efforts in a region. Community Science efforts may aim to address changes in phenology (cyclic, seasonal events such as first bloom date of a species, arrival of migratory birds to our region, emergence of leaves in the Spring or leaf drop in the Autumn…), abundance of pollinators or rare species, or presence of invasive species, among other possibilities. We are currently (as of Spring–Summer 2022) looking for interested students to lead some projects in collaboration with the Milwaukee Public Museum.

Social media: The Cofrin Center for Biodiversity is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.