Students should consult regularly with a Human Biology faculty member in order to plan their curriculum and discuss career options. To select a faculty member for advising, please consult the Human Biology Advising Schedule to determine which faculty member's office hours and area of advising expertise are best for you. Nutritional science / dietetics students should schedule their advising appointment with Dr. Debra Pearson, Dr. Leanne Zhu, or Ms. Sara Wagner.

During registration period and the two weeks prior, we request that you sign up for an advising appointment with a faculty member. Sign up sheets are posted on each faculty member's office door in the Laboratory Sciences Building, 4th floor. Please do not phone or send email requests to faculty for advising appointments during registration period. Sign up sheets are the most efficient way to handle advising requests during this busy time and ensure that each student gets individualized attention, with no one getting lost in the shuffle or waiting for long periods of time.

When you attend your advising appointment, be prepared to make the most of your time! Prior to attending the appointment, print a Four-Year Curriculum Guide for your emphasis, check off the courses you have already taken, and bring it to your appointment. This will help to make the most efficient use of your consultation.

Curriculum Planners

If you are new to the program and are considering a major or minor in Human Biology, please do the following:

  • Review the curriculum for each emphasis within the Human Biology major or minor.
  • Print the Four-Year Curriculum Guide for the emphasis or minor you intend to pursue, and check off the courses you have already taken. Bring it to your advising appointment.
  • Arrange an appointment with a Human Biology faculty member to discuss and develop your academic plan
  • If you know which Human Biology major or minor you want to pursue, the next step is to declare your major via an electronic Declare my Major/Minor/Certificate form (obtained from the Registrar's web page).