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Student Organizations

Are you looking for a student organization in which to participate? Choosing an organization related to your Human Biology major is a great a way to meet like-minded students with similar interests and make professional connections that will help you achieve your career goals.

Currently, the following student organizations are affiliated with the Human Biology Program:

  • "Prehab" Club - AT (Athletic Training), PT (Physical Therapy) and OT (Occupational Therapy) This is a club for students interested in a career path along the lines of Exercise Science. Students in this club will be taking similar classes in that degree path, so they will be resources for each other. Also this club will have more specific information on grad school options and internships available in the field.
  • Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) Is a nationwide collaboration of college students, faculty, and staff dedicated to eliminating cancer by initiating and supporting American Cancer Society programs in college communities.
  • Dietetics Health and Wellness Club Is a student organization consisting, but not limited to, Human Biology majors interested in nutrition and dietetics. The mission of the organization is to promote health and wellness. Students in this organization participate in many activities, including two major events, the annual Health Fair and the promotion of nutrition during March, National Nutrition Month. The faculty advisor for the Dietetics Health and Wellness Club is Dr. Debra Pearson.
  • Pre-Medical Club Is a student organization for individuals interested in a career in medicine. The mission of the organization is to assist students in the preparation for medical school by touring medical school facilities, organizing study groups for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), and getting in touch with alumni to discuss their medical school experiences. The faculty advisor for the Pre-Medical Club is Dr. Brian Merkel.
  • Pre-Vet Student Organization (Prevet) To provide an outlet through which UWGB students interested in Veterinary Medicine and other animal related professions can come together to collaborate on the following: plan and participate in events that will explore the veterinary medicine field, prepare students for the veterinary school application process, advocate for the possibility of a pre-vet program within the University, discuss current veterinary care and ethical issues relevant to veterinary and animal field professionals, and participate in helping animals in the community.
  • Sustainable Local Organic (SLO) Food Alliance Is an organization that has the following goals: To educate the campus community about the importance of locally grown, sustainable food. Encourage a sustainable food system on campus and throughout the community. Maintain the UWGB Campus Garden and use it as a focal point for the student organization.
  • Tri-Beta Is a national honorary society for majors in the biological sciences. The mission of the organization is to recognize and support academic excellence in the biological sciences and encourage undergraduate research, primarily through undergraduate research awards and conferences. Because Tri-Beta is a honorary society, you must attain a specific G.P.A. to be eligible for membership. If you qualify, you will be contacted by Dr. Brian Merkel, the organization's faculty advisor.

Check out the Org Smorg at the beginning of each semester for more information on these organizations.