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Humanities Minor

Our Minor is a Major Upgrade

Pursue a passion and distinguish your degree.

Follow your intellectual interests. Deepen your understanding and specify your degree. Gain specialized skills to stand out in the job market. Whatever your reason for pursuing a minor in humanities, our emphases allow you to dive deeper into the realm of humanities and broaden your intended major.

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Humanities Minor Options

The humanities minor offers seven areas of emphasis.

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Ancient & Medieval Studies

Studying the past makes your present and future far more knowledgeable. Like the emphasis in our major, this emphasis in the minor examines cultures and civilizations of the ancient and medieval worlds.

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Film & Cinema Studies

Films are mirrors held up to society. You’ll learn how films reflect and influence culture; develop technical skills like acting and video production; and discover the history of cinema as it pertains to specific cultures, like international cinema.

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Humanities Online

Need a more flexible way to learn? We offer a Humanities minor fully online. Our online programs are not separate from out in-person experience, so you’ll get access to the same opportunities.

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Linguistics/Teaching English as a Second Language

In order to understand a person’s language, you must also understand their culture. Words are not just symbols; they carry the nuances, history and context of a society. Through this emphasis, we offer a intercultural and multilinguistic way to approach humanities.

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Religious Studies

Religion occupies a crucial part of cultures. That means if you want to understand culture, you also have to understand their faith. Through the emphasis in religious studies, you'll explore the philosophy of religion, with a focus on diverse cultures throughout the world.

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World Cultures

Expand your knowledge and gain a global perspective in our interconnected societies through the emphasis in World Cultures.

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Why Add a Humanities Minor?

Minor program, major benefits.

Follow Your Interests

Even if you don't plan on using a minor in your career, you'll still be able to satisfy your curiosity and learn about your passion.

Develop Specific Skills

Diversify your skills and stand out to future employers through the experience and knowledge you gain in the Humanities minor.

Broaden Your Education

Combine your major with our minor in Humanities to cast a wider net and open up more professional opportunities for yourself.

David Voelker

Reach out with questions

Wondering what emphasis is right for you? Like all our faculty, Professor David Voelker is committed to your success. His interests are in teaching the history of early America up to the Civil War, specifically regarding First Nations, as well as environmental history and humanities.

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