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Mark Karau

Mark Karau

Professor, Chair of the Humanities Unit
BA/MA Marquette University 91,93; PhD Florida State University, 2000

Chair of Humanities

Professor Karau is an expert in the history of Germany from 1871 to 1989, focusing particularly on the era of the First World War.  He has published two books on the topic, the first of which was recently reissued in a new, paperback edition.
The first: Wielding the Dagger: The MarineKorps Flandern and the German War Effort, 1914-1918, Praeger Press, 2003; reissued in revised form as The Naval Flank of the Western Front: The German MarineKorps Flandern 1914-1918, Seaforth Publishing 2015.  

The second is: Germany's Defeat in the First World War: The Lost Battles and Reckless Gambles That Brought Down the Second Reich, Praeger Press, 2015.

In addition he has published several articles in journals, essay collections and encyclopedias of the First World War.  One of his articles, "Twisting the Dragon's Tail: The Zeebrugge and Ostend Raids of 1918" was selected by historian Andrew Lambert for inclusion in a collection of the best articles on twentieth century naval history.  

Professor Karau came to UW GB as part of the merger with the UW Colleges.  He teaches courses on a number of different topics, primarily dealing with 20th Century European History.