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Most humanities students have developed skills in writing and thinking critically, have gained a sense of chronology, a facility analyzing arguments, an ability to speak other languages and navigate "foreign" cultures, yet have little notion about what to do upon graduation.

The Humanities internship program allows students to explore a variety of career paths in the humanities while gaining valuable hands-on job experience working co-operatively with professionals in these fields. Internships are a great way for humanities students to "test-drive" career options without the commitment of a full-time job and to obtain significant job experience they would unlikely be able to obtain on their own. Working as a humanities intern will not only challenge you to apply your knowledge and coursework to real life work environments and assist you in developing new marketable skills, but will also improve your future employment prospects, provide new networking and mentoring possibilities and may even result in a renewed sense of direction or even an interesting platform from which to launch your future career.

So why wait until after you graduate to gain experience in a variety of professional fields in the humanities, when you can do that now while earning academic credit in an Humanities internship?

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Internship Program Description

Humanities internships are available during Fall, Spring and Summer terms and can register for more than one of these internships before graduation. While students in virtually any field may apply for these internships, priority will be given to students with majors and/or minors in humanities fields, (among them, English, English as a Second Language, First Nations Studies, French, German, History, Humanities, Philosophy and Spanish). Internships take place in museums, schools, government offices, archives, non-profit organizations and businesses in the Green Bay area and in greater northeast Wisconsin. Although these internships are, for the most part, unpaid, interns will gain valuable experience, skills and professional contacts in a variety of interesting fields, which they may otherwise find challenging to gain experience in on their own. Interns will receive a grade and in most cases 3 credits for each internship.

Policy and Requirements

To be considered for an internship you should:

  • Have at least a 2.5 GPA
  • Be able to intern at least 10-12 hours a week (for most 3-credit internships)
  • Have a résumé description of past work experience

Internship Course Requirements:

  • Intern an average of 10-12 hours per week (for most 3 credit internships)
  • Attend bi-weekly regular meetings with UW-Green Bay Internship instructor throughout the semester
  • Submit written assignments to be graded by your Internship Instructor (usually a paper, journal and/or portfolio)

Internship Opportunities in Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin

Humanities offers internships in the following general areas, however additional internships in other areas may also be arranged to fit your particular interests, needs and desires.

Internships Abroad

For more information contact:

Office of International Education
(920) 465-2190
Cofrin Library 108
UW-Green Bay, WI 54311

To Register

For more information and to set up an appointment to register for an internship, please contact Professor Jennifer Ham,, (920) 465-2461.