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Community Action

American Red Cross

Green Bay Facility 2131 Deckner Ave. Green Bay, WI 54308-8125

This internship has given students experience in market research, collecting information from area hospitals and other customers relying on the Red Cross for assistance and in creating and writing up market strategy.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

University Ave. Green Bay, WI 54311

This internship provides engaged students with experience educating public awareness about a variety of social concerns impacting our area. Student interns have been involved with fund raising and assisting with the writing and editing of bi-monthly and quarterly newsletters.

Clean Water Action Council

East Port Center, Suite 120 1270 Main Street

Interns at the Clean Water Action Council, an environmental activist group in Green Bay, will work in public relations, for example, setting up "town hall" meetings or forums, taking part in protests, attending meetings related to environmental issues, helping campaign for pro-environment candidates, setting up information tables, assisting with mass mailings and telephone banks, organizing news clippings and documents, writing letters to government officials and media sources, learning about grant writing and administrative duties, researching and reporting findings on environmental concerns in our area.

Golden House, Family Violence Center

1120 University Ave. Green Bay, WI 54305

Interns at Golden House will gain experience in the social work field, learning about the issue of family violence through, for example, crisis intervention, advocacy, victim support, help lines, legal assistance, group activities and/or fund raising.

Lake Michigan Federation

812 S. Fisk St. Green Bay, WI 54304

Students interested in environmental activism have worked as interns here preparing fact sheets for their shore keepers' manual and researching and writing about the effect of chlorine on the Great Lakes. They also functioned as liaisons between the Lake Michigan Foundation and Northeast Wisconsin School districts, meeting with school administrators and educating students and administrators about environmental education and the Green Bay Remedial Action Plan. Other students worked on the Fox River Environmental History Project.

New Community Shelter, Inc.

PO Box 22011 Green Bay, WI 54305-2011

Student interns in this internship directed to ease the problem of housing in Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin have developed a quarterly newsletter, assisted in record keeping and payroll, and compiled and reported shelter statistics to state offices among other things.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, Inc.

302 North Adams St. Green Bay, WI 54301

Student interns at Planned Parenthood conduct research, organize grassroots efforts, and assist in educating the public through their participation in workshops and health fairs.