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Human Relations and Management

WEC: Energy Group

WEC Energy Group actively recruits university students for internships, co-op and full-time positions in September-October and January-March each year. It is a structured "professional-in-training" program for college students, providing them with professional, challenging work experience and leadership opportunities to qualified students in the following fields related to humanities:

  • Communications
  • Human Resources and Marketing

Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

300 N Broadway, Ste. 3A

This internship provides students with a variety of experiences in writing and researching for the public. For example, students in this internship have conducted and compiled research on Green Bay history and international trade and written press releases and articles for Bay Business Journal among other things.

Brown County Human Resources

City of Green Bay 305 E. Walnut Street

Students in this internship will work in the Human Resources department for the city of Green Bay, completing various projects in the areas of labor research, recruitment, selection, contract arbitration, wage surveys, Affirmative Action, recordkeeping, compiling labor statistics and researching and tracking employment trends in Brown County.