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"This semester, I had the opportunity to intern at WLUK FOX 11 News, a local news station in green Bay Wisconsin. This was a fantastic opportunity for me, because as an English major, I have the option of working in the media. The internship allowed me to learn the basics of news writing, reporting, editing, and more. Now at the end of my internship I not only have this experience on my resume but also an audition tape and writng samples for my portfolio if I should choose to apply for a job at a news station in the future…. Overall, my experience at FOX 11 was fantastic. It showed me every aspect of writing and reporting as well as some aspects of producing, editing, and photographing. Now, if I choose to apply to a news organization, I not only have this experience but also stories and even a package I could include with my application."
- Roxanne Billington, WLUK FOX 11 News internship, Spring 2011

Phlash TV

"I have learned a lot about what I would like to do in my future career by doing two internships….I learned many things while interning for Phlash TV. First, and probably most importantly, I learned that working in television broadcast, or a related field, is what I want to do. I loved doing my publishing internships, and would love to incorporate the publishing field into my life maybe on a part-time basis, but this is the field for me…. Overall I enjoyed my time with Phlash TV, and learned many things. I have grown in my skills and leadership abilities, and it has made me realize what I would like to do in my future career. It has also given me real-life experience that I can take with when for when I start my career."
- Alyse Marczak, intern Spring 2011