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Library Science

Brown County Library, Green Bay, WI

"Interning for the Brown County Central Library has been one of the most rewarding and beneficial experiences of my life thus far... I am incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity."
- Samantha Palazzo

Cofrin Library, UW-Green Bay

"During this internship I was able to experience and learn more than I ever realized that I would."
- Sarah Kupsky, May 2011

These internships introduce our humanities students through hands-on experience to a variety of possible careers and employment settings in library science. It augments other internships already created in Cofrin Library by providing students wider access to virtually all facets of library work in various departments, for example, in Cataloguing, Acquisitions, Circulation, Special Collections, Reference etc. In addition to their hands-on experience, they also decide if they would like to pursue the field as a career and receive extensive advising and assistance with their resumes and graduate school applications. This internship also greatly improves our students’ ability to conduct their own research for paper assignments in our program.

Special Collections Cofrin Library, UW-Green Bay

Students in this internship will gain valuable experience working in the collections management area of the Special Collections department of Cofrin Library, getting acquainted with cataloging procedures, online systems, creating records and cross-referencing various library materials from manuscripts to maps. This internship is excellent preparation for graduate work in library science.

Reference Department Cofrin Library, UW-Green Bay 

This internship provides students with experience with library reference work. Responsibilities may include job-shadowing reference librarians, learning about print and online reference resources, tracking reference questions, researching inquiries and perhaps gaining general experience in other library departments as well. This internship is excellent preparation for graduate work in library science