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Writing, Editing, and Publishing

Voyageur: Northeast Wisconsin's Historical Review

Voyageur Office Studio Arts, Rm. 268 UW-Green Bay

"What interning through Voyageur has done for me is limitless. I have gained and honed valuable skills that will help me in the future. I would someday love to be the editor of an esteemed magazine or book publisher. This opportunity has been a fulfilling stepping stone in that direction. Before this internship, I barely knew the local businesses, let alone our history, the richness of our culture and broad array of similar (yet often very different!) cities around us. Now I’m excited to seek out others in my community to learn and share the stories that are out there."
- Charnae Walker
"I really have to emphasize how lucky I was, to be able to gain the internship I have had this semester. All of the professors and interns have been amazing and have left me with a new sense of inspiration and understanding for how a magazine functions. I also feel like I have gained more knowledge, confidence, office skills, and a love for research and history because of participation in this internship. It has been a privilege and a great learning experience to jump into something new and unknown; I plan to keep pursuing goals and job that will give me new challenges and exciting experiences."
Stephanie Suchecki, Voyageur internship, May 2011

Students in this internship will gain experience in various aspects of the publication process of Voyageur, one of Wisconsin’s premier journals. In interaction with the editorial staff, interns may, for example, contact authors, handle manuscripts, copy-edit submissions, conduct bibliographic searches, log in submissions, learn about layout and graphics, review articles, organize issues and research photographs, among other tasks related to this successful publication.