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Learning Outcomes

Humanities students will acquire an understanding of what it means to be human by studying, applying, and analyzing important works and ideas in literature, philosophy, languages, and history. They will acquire essential life skills and will gain a deeper sense of themselves, their values, and their opinions, as they explore different cultural contexts throughout history.

Learning Outcomes:

Humanities students will be able to:

  1. Recognize and appreciate nuance and complexity of meaning through critical reflections on texts, visual images, and artifacts.
  2. Identify and evaluate human values and ethical positions in their contemporary and historical contexts.
  3. Express themselves in a clear, organized, and well-reasoned manner.
  4. Articulate underlying premises in their own and others’ beliefs.
  5. Demonstrate a familiarity with and appreciation of the importance of diverse cultural, ethnic, and linguistic perspectives.
  6. Evaluate the significance of humanities and interdisciplinarity in our world.