All campuses are closed to public per state emergency order. All classes at all UW-Green Bay campuses will be taught via alternative delivery methods through the summer. Visit our coronavirus (COVID-19) website for more information.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will acquire an understanding of what it means to be human by studying and analyzing important works and ideas in literature, philosophy, language, and history.
  2. Students will acquire essential life skills, including the ability to reflect critically on texts and artifacts, to recognize and appreciate nuance and complexity of meaning, and to express themselves in a clear, organized, and well-reasoned manner.
  3. Students will be transformed and given greater self-awareness by understanding the historical and cultural context for human values through the study of literature, philosophy, language, and history.
  4. Study of the Humanities imparts a fundamental understanding of:
    • the significance and chronology of major events and movements in World civilization;
    • a range of literature, representative of different literary forms and historical contexts;
    • the role of the humanities in identifying and clarifying individual and social values in a culture and understanding the implications of decisions made on the basis of those values.