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Declaring a Major or Minor

To declare a major or minor in Information Science complete the following steps:

1. Explore the following emphases for your major:

2. Minor requirements:

3. Confirm information you will need for the form:
  • Your area of emphasis (you can indicate multiple emphases on the form)
  • Appropriate faculty advisor
 Advisors for major - listed by emphasis (required on declaration form):
Major Emphasis Faculty Advisor E-mail Address
Game Studies Dr. Bryan Carr
Information Technology Dr. Phil Clampitt
Data Science Dr. Katie Turkiewicz
4. Click link below to declare your major or minor.

5. Complete a Skills Inventory before you meet with your advisor.

5. Develop a Personal Instruction Manual.
What is a Personal Instruction Manual? A written document outlining key personal attributes that alerts others about how to effectively work with you. For more information, see faculty examples listed below and check out this video (Guides > Instructional Manual).

Personal Instruction Manuals for Faculty

6. Schedule an appointment with your advisor via e-mail. Your appointment can be completed via phone or in-person.

If you have any further questions, consult with the advisor that corresponds to your area of emphasis.

Electronic forms require an active UWGB network user ID and password. If your network user ID is no longer active or if you don't have a valid UWGB network user ID, click on the form. You will have to create a user account at the log in page to complete the electronic form.

If you are having difficulty accessing this form please call GBOSS at (920) 465-2111

Note: If you have a hold on your account because you need to declare a major/minor, that hold will not be removed until you have had your advisor sign off on the declaration form and the Registrar's Office has processed the formal paperwork.