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(Bachelor of Science)

The Information Science (IS) program introduces students to complex information problems topics faced in the knowledge economy. Students will learn essential qualitative and quantitative skills demanded by employers in a digital media environment. Beyond these essential practical skills, students are taught the interpersonal and managerial skills needed to collaborate and coordinate among external stakeholders to achieve a common goal. Internships in Information Science provide qualified students with opportunities for faculty-supervised experience in professional settings outside the classroom. A major in Information Science provides the kind of integrative knowledge that is required for professional careers in a new and emerging media environment.

There are three emphases for the major: Data Science, Game Studies, and Information Technology.

  • The Data Science emphasis is focused on data tools and analytical methods. Students learn to interpret and communicate their findings through courses from the social sciences, computer science, statistics and management. In data science students are trained for deep analytical talent positions in areas such as healthcare, logistics, and insurance industries. 
  • The Game Studies emphasis offers a diverse range of sub-disciplines to develop students into well-rounded game professionals. Students can choose from classes in computer science, communication, psychology, art, business, and music to prepare for careers in game journalism, game studies, game ethics, programming and design. 
  • The Information Technology emphasis offers a solid grounding in computing, mathematics, and communication skills and then builds on that grounding with a broad array of theoretical and applied approaches to information technologies. Students also are expected to be thoroughly equipped with problem solving, collaborative, and presentational skills to prepare for careers in areas such as, systems analysis, human resources, marketing and sales.

Students may study abroad or at other campuses in the United States through UW-Green Bay’s participation in international exchange programs and National Student Exchange. Travel courses are another option for obtaining academic credits and completing requirements. For more information, contact the Office of International Education at (920) 465-2190 or see