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General Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures

The following criteria have been established to determine eligibility to join the Kress Events Center: 

  1. Any disciplinary or other action taken by Kress Kress Center staff can be formally appealed in writing to the building manager. If a satisfactory conclusion cannot be reached, appeals will be forwarded to the Director of the Kress Center.
  2. Sportsmanlike conduct is expected at all times. Transgressions may result in ejection from the Kress Center and suspension of membership.
  3. Unauthorized entry, unauthorized use of Kress Center facilities, or fraudulent use of an ID will result in suspension of entry privileges for all involved and will result in additional charges.
  4. Outstanding fines or other bills will be referred to university officials for administrative action. Student records can be held pending payment of outstanding bills. The Kress Center reserves the right to suspend membership privileges or refuse entry to persons who have bills outstanding.
  5. Food and beverages are restricted to the hall and front lobby area.
  6. Street shoes or athletic shoes that were worn outside are not to be used in the gyms, pool area, Room 130, weight rooms, or in the shower and drying areas of the locker rooms.
  7. Smoking is not allowed in the building.
  8. Problems arising form policy or procedures can be discussed at any time by contacting the building manager.