Instructor Resources

Referring Students to the Learning Center

We encourage instructors to refer their students to the Learning Center - if you recommend it, they will come! We ask that instructors do not require visits because students are more likely to learn and accept help when they visit of their own accord.

Syllabus Statements

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning maintains a list of Student Resources syllabus statements, including one for the Learning Center. Instructors can share the link to the entire resource list, or copy and paste the Learning Center's statement into their syllabus.

Workshops and Class Visits

You can request a class visit for an Academic Success Coaching presentation tailored to the needs of your class. Presentations can inform students about The Learning Center resources or can focus on Time Management and Study Skills.

Tutor Recommendations

We are always looking for tutor recommendations for instructors. To become a tutor for the Learning Center, students must:
  • Be enrolled in at least 1 credit
  • Have earned an AB or better in the subject(s)/course(s) they are tutoring
  • Secure a recommendation from the instructor who teaches or taught the course
We also look for professional skills such as good oral and written communication, organizational skills, and learning techniques. Please feel free to recommend a student using the form below. Recommendations are appreciated at any time.