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Sea Grant

UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus is part of the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant College Program, which is a statewide program of basic and applied research, education and technology transfer dedicated to the wise stewardship and sustainable use of Great lakes and ocean resources.

Sea Grant is a commitment, a partnership, a bridge, and a bond. It's a commitment to solve coastal problems and develop marine resources. It's a partnership and a bridge between government, academia, industry, scientists, and private citizens to help Americans understand and sustainably use our precious Great Lakes and ocean waters for long-term economic growth. And it's a bond uniting 33 State Sea Grant programs, over 300 universities, and millions of people. In short, Sea Grant is an agent for scientific discovery, technology transfer, economic growth, and public education as they involve coastal, ocean, and Great Lakes resources.

For more information visit UW Sea Grant Home Page or contact Titus Seilheimer, Fisheries Specialist, or 920-683-4697.