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Marketing Internships

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As a marketing major, you’re creative and inventive, but you’re also business-minded. You know how to set yourself up for success – part of that is getting internships while you are an undergraduate. Internships give you a chance to put theory into practice, but they’re also a great way to get your foot in the door with your dream company.

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Internships for Credit

Generally, internships involve about 50 hours of field work for each credit, so about 150 hours for a three-credit internship; this is about 10 hours each week during a regular semester. In order to qualify for an internship for credit, you must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 and a junior standing. Internships follow these expectations:

Internship Grading

Internships are graded on a complete/ incomplete basis. Students are required to complete the required minimum hours of work per credit earned as well as all assignments.  

Meaningful Work

An internship or work-based learning experience should provide a learning experience in a work environment. The job responsibilities must require higher level skills that relate to a student's career path. Internship credit will not be given purely for clerical work.

Supervised Internship

The supervisor for your internship or work-based learning experience is expected to oversee your work and ensure the position offers educational value and a good experience.  


Students earning internship credit are asked to reflect upon their experience as well as asking for reflection from the supervisor based on the students performance. Students should seek to earn a positive reflection. 

What to Do Once You Find a Marketing Internship

If you'd like to receive academic credit for your internship, complete the following steps. Once you find an internship, you might want to write a thank you letter to the internship organization. This is a nice, professional touch. See letter writing tips.

1 Job Description

Obtain a copy of your internship job description. The job description should include the company name, address and the phone number of your off-campus supervisor for the internship. Email the job description to Kay Voss ( for review. Include the following information:

  • The class you are enrolling in
  • The start and end dates of your internship
  • The number of hours you will be working each week
  • The number of credits you are applying for

Email Pat Albers  

2 Internship Registration E-Form

Once you have approval from Kay, complete the Internship e-form and follow all instructions once you have approval. You will need to log in with your university account.

Internship Registration E-form

3 Confirm Internship with Your Internship Supervisor

  • Email the Internship registration form to your host organization internship supervisor, asking them to reply back to you confirming placement.
  • Forward the email with your off-campus supervisor’s confirmation to Kay Voss ( for approval.

4 Log In to SIS

Check SIS to see that you're enrolled in the internship. Once you're registered in SIS, you can access the syllabus on the Canvas course site.

Log in to SIS

Brittany Cassidy

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"My education at UWGB set me up for success for my internship because many classes emphasize the importance of networking and being open to new opportunities. The campus offers small class sizes in which you can form a connection with your professors. You get one on one experience and tips on how to be successful in the business world."

Brittany Cassidy '22
B.B.A. in Marketing | Digital Marketing Intern at Kallista

Kay Voss

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Have questions about internships? Kay Voss is the Director of Career Planning and Professional Connections for the Cofrin School of Business. She can help you figure out where to start on the path to your career.

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