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St. Norbert Language Courses

Welcome St. Norbert College students! This page is intended to guide you through the process of completing your enrollment in your UW-Green Bay-taught course and accessing the Canvas course online. After you have enrolled in a UWGB-taught course via SNC's KnightLine platform, you will need to complete the following steps to obtain a UWGB account and gain access to your online course:

  1. Complete the Universities of Wisconsin Application Form
  2. Set Up Your UWGB Network Account and Password
  3. Get Started with Canvas
  4. Access Other Online Resources

Step 1: Complete the Universities of Wisconsin Application Form

After registering for a UW-Green Bay-taught course on SNC's KnightLine site, the first step towards completing your UWGB course enrollment is to complete the online Universities of Wisconsin application form at to register as an "Undergraduate Special Student." For help completing this online application, see step-by-step instructions.

Shortly after submitting the online application form, you will receive an email acceptance letter from UWGB. This letter will typically arrive the day after you have submitted the application.

Step 2: Set Up Your UWGB Network Account and Password

Your email acceptance letter will include your UWGB network user ID and email address. Your UWGB email address will be, so you can think of your UWGB network user ID as your new UWGB email address minus "" Once you receive your account information from the acceptance letter email, you will need to complete your UWGB Network Account setup by setting your password via the instructions at

If you encounter any issues while attempting to set up your UWGB network account password, please contact the IT Service Desk at or 920-465-2309.

Once you have set up your UWGB network user ID and password, you will have access to all of the online services available to UWGB students including email, Canvas, and Microsoft 365 products.

Step 3: Get Started with Canvas

Canvas is the online learning management system used by UWGB. Canvas at UWGB is equivalent to Moodle at SNC. Your UW-Green Bay-taught online course will be taught via Canvas, so you'll need to access your course through UW-Green Bay's Canvas site. Once your UWGB network user ID and password have been set up, you can login to Canvas via the Canvas Login button on the UWGB Canvas page at

If you are new to Canvas and want to learn your way around it, we recommend that you enroll in UWGB's free Canvas Student Orientation Course. In this self-paced course, you'll learn how to use Canvas while working within a Canvas course. It's a great way for students to learn the ropes and be able to hit the ground running in their Canvas courses!

Full Canvas login instructions can be found on this UWGB UKnowIT KnowledgeBase page. In short, while logging in to Canvas, you will need to select UW-Green Bay as your "organization," enter your UWGB network user ID as your "Username," and use the password you set up in Step 2. Remember that your UWGB network user ID is your UWGB email without the "!"

If you need help at any time while working in Canvas, you have 24/7 access to Canvas support. You can choose between several ways to contact Canvas support (live chat, phone, or email) by clicking the Help button that is located in the Canvas Global Navigation bar that rests along the left-edge of any page in Canvas. We recommend using the live chat or phone contact methods for the fastest resolution to any Canvas issue.

For issues regarding missing Canvas courses, please reference this troubleshooting guide and know that, after receiving your acceptance letter, you must typically wait a day before you are automatically enrolled in your Canvas course.

Step 4: Access Other Online Resources

Step 5: Check Grades in SIS

Step by Step Instructions

  • Log into SIS
  • The “Student Center” page will appear
  • Under the academics drop down menu select “Grades”
  • Click the >> to continue
  • On “View My Grades” page, select the term from the drop down menu and click “Change”
  • To print your grade report, click the printer friendly icon on the bottom of the page