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Management Plan

The NERR management plan acts as the foundational guiding document for the stewardship of the reserve. It is the five year vision for the reserve and includes plans for research, education, administration, infrastructure development, public access, resource protection, management, and restoration. It summarizes the historic ecological and cultural services to within the reserve boundaries. The management plan is used to address the opportunities that come with designation. All the plans for the reserve must be in compliance with regulations and plans of the lands within the reserves. The NERR is non-regulatory and will not impose new regulations on lands and waters included in the reserve.

The management plan is currently being drafted in collaboration with the Bay of Green Bay NERR partners which includes tribal nations, communities, agencies, and the land-owning partners of areas within the reserve boundaries.

On June 8, 2023, Governor Tony Evers visited Ken Euers Nature Area, one of the proposed sites within the reserve boundaries, on the occasion of receiving the award.