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Eco U®

Involved for Decades

Environmentalism is part of our past, present and future.

Rally cries ebb and flow— ecology, environmentalism, "going green", sustainability—but our focus has remained constant since 1965. At UW-Green Bay, students, faculty and the greater community are encouraged to get involved with the living world around them.

Blaze Your Path

1970's environmental activism scene
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Eco U® Past, Present & Future
Class touring a science presentation at the Weidner Center.

Evolving Impact

We're building a sustainable future on a strong foundation.

In 1969, the Green Bay campus was 3 buildings dwarfed by 600 acres of fields and pasture. The Environmental Sciences building was most prominent along with the promise that "Environmental Problems Will Be the Central Concern of New University of Wisconsin at Green Bay.” A lot has changed, but the promise hasn't. Today, our impact on the environment in our region is profound and growing.

Explore Our Initiatives

Early photo of a VW van of the UWGB Campus

The Birth of

Branching out since the beginning.

From the day our campus opened, the ecological focus of the university attracted attention in newspapers and magazines across the country.

Explore Eco U History

Luc De Baere 2022 Alumni Earth Caretaker Award Recipient


Luc De Baere is the 2022 recipient of our Alumni Earth Caretaker Award. He developed dry anaerobic digester technology and created the methodology for testing whether materials are biodegradable or compostable. He helped create the ISO standards that are used to certify plant-based plastic bags and utensils as compostable! Plus he made a business out of it!

Luc De Baere '78, '80
B.S. Chemistry, M.S. Environmental Arts & Sciences, Waste Management focus

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Daniela Beall

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Contact Daniela Beall, our Sustainability Coordinator, to discuss your interest, concerns or ideas about sustainability at UW-Green Bay.

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