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Program Updates & Info

The success of both the designation and running of a Green Bay NERR is dependent on public engagement and support, and we want to build that from the beginning of the designation process. This page provides updates on the NERR newsletter, public engagement to-date and future programs and events.

NERR Newsletter (sign-up here)

NERR Newsletter, September 2021

NERR Newsletter, Winter 2021
(pdf version)

Presentations and slides from NERR designation webinars and public meetings

Thank you for joining us at the NERR designation update webinars and Site-Selection public meetings held in May and September 7 & 8, 2022. We had over 140 attendees across both dates.  All comments received at the event and by email will be considered by the state when formally nominating a site or sites to NOAA.

Thank you for attending our NERR Kickoff Events in April 2021! A list of questions and answers generated during the event can be found here.