Human Biology Emphasis in

Nutrition & Dietetics

Graduation and DPD Completion Requirements

What are the requirements for Graduation and DP program completion?

To earn a Bachelors of Science Degree in Human Biology with a Nutritional Science/Dietetics Emphasis, students must fulfill UW-Green Bay's requirements. For more information about the university's graduation requirements.

University Graduation Requirements for a Human Biology major- Nutritional Science/Dietetics emphasis degree consist of:

University of Wisconsin - Green Bay requires that students complete 120 credits which includes meeting the University's General Education requirements (link to GE requirements and be in good academic standing (GPA of 2.00 or greater) in order to graduate.
Students are recognized at commencement for honors if they meet 1 and 2:

1. GPA meets the standards for honors 

  • Summa Cum Laude 3.85 or higher OR GPA of 3.75-3.849 and eligible for completion of honors in the major
  • Magna Cum Laude 3.75-3.849
  • Cum Laude 3.5-3.74
2. Graded credits in residence; including those in progress total a minimum of 60 credits

What is a DP verification statement and why do I need one?

The DP verification statement is required for a student who plans to apply for a position in an accredited Dietetic Internship or to apply to take the DTR exam. A student wishing to become a registered dietitian must successfully complete a dietetic internship. Following are the requirements for obtaining the verification statement:

  1. For students enrolled in the DP, the requirements for receipt of a Verification Statement in addition to the degree diploma are as follows:
    1. Earned grade of a C or better in all required DP courses
  2. Therefore it is possible to complete all of the required DP courses, graduate with a degree in Human Biology and emphasis in Nutritional Science/Dietetics and NOT earn the Verification Statement at that time
  3. Students are advised throughout the program of the academic requirements and encouraged to retake a class while still enrolled at the University as a degree-seeking student.
  4. It is possible to return to the University after receiving the initial degree and repeat the necessary courses; meeting the C or better requirement and receive the Verification Statement at a later time.

How do I obtain a DP Verification statement?

All students who successfully complete the DP program requirements and meet the eligibility requirements of a Verification Statement should take the following steps to ensure that they receive a DP Verification Statement in a timely manner.


  1. During the last semester prior to graduation and completion of the program; each student completes a contact form in which a preferred mailing address is provided to the Program Director (PD).
  2. Within approximately two weeks following degree conferral (January and May) the PD accesses each student record on SIS to verify that the student has
    1. Met the requirements for graduation
    2. Met the academic requirements for the Verification statement as defined in Policy
  3. The PD also maintains a record of those students who participate in commencement in May annually but do not officially obtain their degree until completion of summer courses
    1. The August graduates do not receive their verification statements until approximately two weeks after those courses have been completed
  4. Original Verification statements are mailed to each student in the amount recommended