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Time to commence your graduation to-do list

Let's get your ducks (and one phoenix) all in a row.

Congratulations! The big day is in sight. With fees, applications, caps, gowns, and more, you've still got stuff to do. Start by applying to graduate.

Apply to Graduate in SIS

graduate with diploma


After registering for your last semester of classes, check your Academic Requirements to ensure all requirements are met for degree/major/minor/certificates. If you are missing any requirements, contact your faculty advisor.

Students completing an Associate, Bachelor's, or Master's degree must apply to graduate and indicate if they wish to participate in one of two Commencement Ceremonies, held in December and May of each year. The application link is located in (SIS) (Student Center, under the "Academics" menu select "Apply for Graduation").

Please be aware that a late application may preclude a student from being listed in the graduation ceremony program. Participation in the commencement ceremony is not mandatory for graduation. If you would like to participate in commencement please ensure that you apply in (SIS) (Student Center > under the "Academics menu select, "Edit Commencement Info"). Visit the commencement site for more details.

Graduation Date

If your classes end in:

  • May or August, you may participate in the spring/summer ceremony, held in May.
  • December or January, you may participate in the fall/winter ceremony, held in December.

Early graduation application is strongly encouraged and will ensure that all graduation communications are received (graduation check, commencement info, etc.). Students may still apply after the below dates, however, some communications may be missed. There are four graduation application time spans.

  • Fall graduation deadline (classes end in December) is May 1.
  • January Interim graduation deadline (classes end in January) is May 1.
  • Spring graduation deadline (classes end in May) is December 1.
  • Summer graduation deadline (classes end in July or August) is February 1.

The Registrar's Office performs a degree audit on each student before their final semester to verify that they have met the requirements to graduate with an undergraduate or graduate degree. If there is a problem or issue, meeting this deadline allows for adequate time to notify the student so that necessary corrective action can be taken. Students who apply to graduate after the drop deadline can still receive degree audit assistance by contacting the Registrar's Office. Please be aware that it will be necessary for students to postpone graduation if requirements cannot be met in their desired graduation semester.

Timeline of Diploma Reception

  • Mid-to late January when courses end in December.
  • Early-to-mid February when courses end in January.
  • Mid-to-late June when courses end in May.
  • Early-to-mid September when courses end during the summer semester (June, July, August).

Date of Degree

  • If courses end in December, the student is awarded a degree at the end of the fall semester, spanning September through December. A December date is the date the degree is awarded.
  • If courses end in January, the student is awarded a degree at the end of the January Interim semester, spanning the first three weeks of January. A January date is the date the degree is awarded.
  • If courses end in May, the student is awarded a degree at the end of spring semester, spanning January through May. A May date is the date the degree is awarded.
  • If courses end in any summer sessions in June, July or August, the student is awarded a degree at the end of summer semester. An August date is the day the degree is awarded.

Order a Replacement Diploma

If you've lost your diploma or need additional copies, you can order a replacement diploma for a fee of $20.

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Graduation Help

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