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Phoenix Orientation

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The Phoenix Orientation program is held once per year in August, prior to the start of the Fall Semester, with the goal of providing all new employees foundational information on campus history, direction, mission/vision, and other essential material to ensure their success as a new employee and to better integrate them into the UW-Green Bay culture and community. All ongoing employees hired for at least one academic year with an FTE of 50% or greater are expected to attend.


The following sessions will be part of each Phoenix Orientation.

Campus History

This session will focus on the history of UW-Green Bay and how we got our start.

Who are our Students?

Do you know the makeup of our student body? This session will provide background statistical and demographic data on the student body we serve. Included in this session will be a panel of current students- come and ask them the questions you’ve always wanted to know about being a student in today’s university!

Creating an Inclusive Campus Community

The landscape of higher education and UW-Green Bay is ever-changing. As faculty and staff, everyone must understand how diversity and inclusion efforts are critical to student success. This session will discuss the current campus climate and examine everybody's role in creating an inclusive campus community where all students, faculty, and staff feel they have a place and a voice.

Campus Resource Fair

The campus resource fair has been arranged to provide you with necessary resources across campus for student success and entertainment/culture and provide social connections to the UW-Green Bay community. Come and learn more about the resources offered to students on campus and how to get integrated into the culture of UW-Green Bay!

Working in Higher Education

Chancellor, Provost, Commencement, Governance - Can you define these terms?  These are just a few of the terms you may not have heard prior to entering the world of higher education.  Come to this session to learn more about the terminology, culture, and organizational structure of UW-Green Bay.

Success as a First Year Instructor (target audience - Faculty and Instructional Staff, August session only)

What does it take to become successful as a new instructor at UW-Green Bay? What resources are available to you? Come learn from recent first-year instructors what it’s like to be new to instruction and UW-Green Bay and what you can do to become a successful, well rounded instructor.

Campus Direction

This session will focus on the future direction of UW-Green Bay and where we’re headed in the future.

Upcoming Dates

  • August 22, 2023