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UW-Green Bay Campus

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin Green Bay!

We hope you enjoy working at UW-Green Bay and find your new position rewarding.

Getting started with a new job as faculty or staff is not always easy - new employees must become comfortable with their new surroundings. This resource has been developed to familiarize you with UW-Green Bay and provide you with resources to find additional information regarding your employment with us. Onboarding is a continuum of activities that occur during the first six months of a new staff member's employment. These activities may include job-specific orientation, personal benefits orientation, Human Resources orientation, formal mentor programs, and assistance from peers, all with the goal of helping employees acclimate to a new professional environment.

As an employer we strive to:

  • Value all and treat all employees with dignity and respect. 
  • Create an environment that encourages each employee to contribute their unique talents, develop skills, and experience fulfillment while working. 
  • Recognize that our employees are important in achieving the educational and community service goals of the University. 

As an employee, your responsibility is to:

  • See yourself as a responsible contributor to the achievement of UW-Green Bay’s mission and principles. 
  • Work towards the attainment of the institution's financial and operational goals. 
  • Conduct yourself with honesty, dignity, and respect toward your colleagues and the University community.