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Fee Policy

All students must pay a non-refundable administrative fee when submitting their Portfolio. The assessment fee will be based on the number of credits requested at the rate of $50 per credit plus $50 (per Portfolio). This assessment fee is intended to cover the cost of reviewing the portfolio. There will be no additional charge for entering credits earned on students’ transcripts.

The total charges for awarding Portfolio credits are a $50.00 (per Portfolio) nonrefundable administrative fee plus $50/per credit nonrefundable assessment fee:

3 credits requested=$200.00
4 credits requested=$250.00
5 credits requested=$300.00
6 credits requested=$350.00
7 credits requested=$400.00

8 credits requested=$450.00
9 credits requested=$500.00
10 credits requested=$550.00
11 credits requested=$600.00
12 credits requested=$650.00

The $50 per credit portion of the fee will be paid via salary overload to the faculty member who evaluates the portfolio.

Updated: October 10, 2016